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TRINITY MARITIME SERVICES LIMITED (Trinity was established as in 2017 primarily to take advantage of identified opportunities and gaps in the Marine Sub-sector of the Oil & Gas Industry ultimately providing Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) services. 

The Marine sector has become more important as Oil Companies have discovered more oil offshore and deep offshore. There is therefore need for vessels to provide technical and transportation services to these locations. The West African Oil & Gas region (WAF) remains the primary focus of Trinity.

This region includes Nigeria, Angola, Congo, and Equatorial Guinea and Ghana. Oil remains a major export of these countries and large contributors to their GDPs. Opportunities in the region are driven by local laws that require participation of national companies, the requisite cabotage laws and other laws that encourage the national economies.Trinity has understanding of operations in this region and along with its international partners, bring the best of service delivery in the form of People, Processes and Assets (PPA).

The experience of the partners in the North Sea brings the highest levels of safety, quality and environmental service delivery to the region through Trinity. Trinity, through its partners, has initiated discussions with Damen Shipyards Group, GORICHEM, Netherlands for the acquisition of four (4) new Fast Crew Supply (FCS) Vessels. There are also on going discussions with Damen for the acquisition of two (2) Platform Supply Vessels (PSVs). These six (6) vessels will constitute the start up vessels for Trinity. The vessels are being acquired in a two stage process with the FCS vessels being the first stage. Trinity and its Partners, have also negotiated a Joint Venture (JV) arrangement with Harms Bergung, which is a German Vessel Management  Company that traces its origin back to 1851, to manage its vessels. Trinity and its Partners have working relationships with Clarksons, one of the worlds largest ship brokers, and with Kennedy Marr.


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